How to get involved

There are two kiddies fun swims and two distance swim events that you can enter.
You may enter more than one event.
Registration is done online – Click REGISTER to start

Swim options

  • Kiddies Fun Swim 75m – The fun swim is free entry. Parents will need to sign up and complete indemity on the day, at the kiddes swim table.

  • Kiddies Fun Swim 50m – The fun swim is free entry. Parents will need to sign up and complete indemnity on the day, at the kiddies swim table.

  • 1.6KM Pereybere Lagoon Swim – Entries are accepted online – Click REGISTER below to start

  • 3.8KM Open Water Swim – Entries are accepted online – Click REGISTER below to start

REGISTER 05 May 2019

Bulk registration for Groups, Clubs or Companies

How To

  • Each group should have one co-ordinator who will manage the group registration process

  • Before processing your online registration, it is recommended to use the template provided below to gather participant information

  • The co-ordinator will then complete the group online registration as well as complete the payment of the registration fees

  • For your security, payment options include bank transfer, juice transfer or bank deposit

Important Notes

  • If registered as a school, your group may only contain participants aged 18 years and under

  • If registered as a club registration, your group may contain swimmers of all ages

  • Please ensure during your online registration that shirt size is updated

  • Please provide the correct shirt size details to your group coordinator, available sizes can be seen below (please note the color variations below are  irrelavant)



Race pack collection day (04 May 2019)

Important Information

  • When you register online for the race, you will be asked to choose where you would like to collect your race pack from Bagatelle mall or GBLC mall

  • The last date to change your race pack collection venue is 22 April 2019

  • After this date, the bags have been packed, boxed and dispatched

  • Race packs are available for the first 500 registrations in both the 1.6km and 3.8km swims

  • Race pack collection day is the last opportunity to register yourself, at a late registration fee of Rs 500.00

  • Complete race pack not guaranteed for late entries

  • Payment of a registration fee is for entrance into the race and the race swimming cap

  • The funds raised by entrance fees go directly to RLSS

  • Any additional complimentary giveaways provided in the race pack, are given as a sponsored gesture. The giveaways are at the discretion of the organisers and may be changed without notice

  • The organisers and sponsors reserve the right to change the contents of the race pack at any time

  • T-shirts will be allocated using the details supplied on your online registration


  • Race pack collection stations will be set up outside the Nando’s Restaurants in Bagatelle mall and Grand Baie La Croisette

  • The collection stations will be open from 10:30 – 15:00 on the 04 May 2019

What to Bring

  • To collect your race pack you will require your name, surname, and a copy of email confirming your online registration

  • Please also bring a copy of a valid identity document  such as an ID or Passport

  • For bulk registrations, the  collection coordinator is notify all group members that their race packs are being collected on their behalf

Event Sponsors